Ekam Advisors Pvt. Ltd.

Inclusive Financial Services House

Closed deals – upwards of $ 1 billion and counting…

Ekam Advisors is a premier financial services house with a strong focus on new age innovative products and offerings for clients.

We serve the needs of our clients by offering a range of solutions to fit their requirements, and to safeguard their interests.

At Ekam, we are committed to client’s interests first. An experienced team with deep market insights, we at Ekam are able to work in line with market trends and provide innovative solutions that benefit our clients. Our specialised product teams use their extensive knowledge of the markets, and advance market data, to provide a clear analysis of the organizational funding requirements, helping them to arrive at the most optimal funding options.

We hand-hold the client through the entire transaction process. Our relationships lie across various investors categories such as corporate, banks, domestic and foreign financial institutions, central and state public sector undertakings, high net-worth individuals, retail individuals, venture capitalists, and private equity, and have been long-standing. This gives us an edge in our ability to offer the client the best possible solutions.

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